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Collection for PKU Historical Artifacts


The anniversary celebrations will include an exhibition on the entire history of Beida. A true reflection on the university's evolution and of its achievements throughout the years, it will display precious artifacts and material from the university's archives. To ensure that the exhibition is as comprehensive as possible, and to enrich the university's collections and archives, we kindly request:

>>  Any material connected with the many aspects of everyday life at the university that bears a significant value for conservation, research and exhibition purposes. This can include: written material, graphics, photographs, audio recordings, and various memorabilia.
>>  Written material and memorabilia including, but not limited to, books, manuscripts, notes, letters, diaries, autographs, special awards, prizes, miscellaneous objects that are related to the experts and scholars, luminaries, and distinguished alumni that have contributed to PKU’s achievements..
>>  High-quality digital photos, original photographs, or their copies on paper or in digital form that document the university’s history through the ages.
>>  The gathered material will be exhibited together with the collections from the Museum of Peking University History, and the Peking University Archives, in "Our Years at PKU - Peking University History Artifacts Collection Exhibition", which is scheduled to open on May 4, 2018.






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